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Cyber Law
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Cyber Law
As technology is growing at lightening speed. While the technology brings lot of good things, it also brings equal amount of risks and challenges. Every day, we read in the newspapers about the various cyber crimes, like Credit card cloning, spoofing, phishing, stalking, etc.Some of the youngsters indulge in misusing the technology and get caught by the Police Authorities

Hard Facts…

A recent study revealed that 80 percent of the cyber crimes in the Corporate Houses are committed by the ‘insiders’. More than 95 percent of the cases do not get reported to the Police Authorities.

Cyber Law governs the legal issues of cyber space

Cyber Space includes

Internet, websites
computers, networks
software, data storage devices, emails
electronic devices (cell phones, ATM machines etc)

On the Internet, it is very easier to create several copies and transmitting the same in different locations of world in few minutes. For these reasons, the Internet has been described as “the world’s biggest copy machine”. [1]

[1] See “It’s the World’s Biggest Copy Machine,” PC week (January 27, 1997).

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